Why support this cause?

Your Donation is Needed

We are in the process of expansion, spreading the Good Karma Smoothie and everything it stands for from its roots in Nusa Lembongan to Bali and beyond.

In order to do so, we are highering and training staff to scout and manage our relationships with restaurants all over Bali. 

Our Goal is set at $15,000

What your donation will be used for

In this expansion we need to pay for

The Impact of your Donation

In July of 2022, only 6 months after the first production of the seaweed cube and the creation of the Good Karma Smoothie our first production system and local family passed the break-even point on their start-up

They earned 4.5Million IDR (about $300 USD) from 1 kilogram of seaweed that they turned into cubes and distributed for Good Karma Smoothies. The same Kilo if sold just as seaweed would have made them from 13,000-31,000 IDR ($1-$2.5 USD) That is a 120-300X increase for the same kilo of seaweed!!!

Your Donation will make this possible for even more local seaweed farmers and their families!

What you get back

For small donations($1-$99)

You get the satisfaction of supporting our beautiful cause! Helping local seaweed farmers, helping the sustainability of Nusa Lembongan, and supporting a world where we empower people instead of taking advantage of them.

For larger donations($100 +)

Your money then becomes an investment. We have plans to tokenize Good Karma Smoothie (in 2023) and all early supporters with donations of $100 USD or more will receive their share of 10% of the initial token supply.

More Info Coming soon!